First Church of Christ, Scientist, Livermore

A church dedicated to healing located in Livermore, California



First Church of Christ, Scientist, Livermore - History

In 1923, a group of Christian Scientists in the Livermore Valley began to meet in their homes to read the Bible Lesson as given in the Christian Science Quarterly. By April 1925, regular Sunday Services, Sunday School, and Wednesday Testimony Meetings were being held in Livermore's Carnegie Library.

In January 1931, The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, recognized the group as a Christian Science Society.

In December 1948, the present church property on the corner of 3rd and South 'N' Streets was purchased for $1,500. On March 17, 1951, the original church building was completed at a cost of $11,887 for building and finishing. This building consisted of the present church auditorium and child-care wing. The Society obtained two grants for this initial building program: $3,339 from the Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy and $4,258 from the Selina C. Cornish Fund. The Cornish grant had no repayment requirements. The Trustees' grant was to be repaid only if and when the church were sold.

The child-care wing initially served as a Reading Room, Sunday School, Board Room, and Committee Room. Because of increasing attendance, the Sunday School soon outgrew this limited space. The Society then rented the second floor of Dania Hall, next to the church, for Sunday School.

In March 1958, a building program for a Sunday School addition was begun with a fund balance of $3,541. The initial concept was to add about 1500 square feet to house the Sunday School and to provide Board and Child-Care rooms; the estimated cost was $17,000. In the final plan, 2470 sq. ft. were added at a cost of $23,550 to house the Sunday School and to provide street frontage for a new Reading Room. To be able to build out to the property line, the Society had to ask that the church property be re-zoned from residential to commercial. The re-zoning request was unanimously approved by the Livermore City Council on July 20, 1959. Construction on the addition began on June 13, 1960, and was completed on November 4, 1960. The new Sunday School was used for the first time on the following Sunday, November 6. The Society again obtained two grants for this second building program; $6,000 from the Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy and $5,742 from the Sellna C. Cornish Fund. During the two years and seven months of the building program, the membership and congregation contributed $8,320 to the building flind. These donations, together with the grants, enabled the addition to be debt free upon completion. The Society had 24 members during this period.

In 1960, a member of the Society became a Journal-listed practitioner, thus qualifying the Society to apply to The Mother Church for branch church status. Accordingly, in December 1960, The Mother Church granted branch church status to the Society.

In 1983, the Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy notified the Church that there were no longer any repayment requirements for the grants made from their trust flind. Upon recommendation of the Executive Board, however, the membership agreed to send at least $100 each year to the Mother Church as a token of appreciation for its aid in their two building programs.

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