First Church of Christ, Scientist, Livermore

A church dedicated to healing located in Livermore, California




April 18, 2015 Spring Cleanup


After the mulch was delivered in front of the church, the REAL work began

  David cleans the Sunday School windows
Marion waters the flowers in the flower room.   Even smart guys need to play from time to time!
And most importantly, our workers need to be fed. Pat and Barbara demonstrate how it's done.    


Thanks to facilities committee members Warren and Mike for their leadership, wheelbarrows and tools. Thanks to former facilities committee member Barbara for returning to help with this project, which she helped organize during her term last year. Thanks to former Sunday School student (now a college man!) Ben Gatten for his help moving the mulch, and to former Sunday School student Luke Gatten for generously donating his time. A big thanks to the care committee, particularly Carolyn and Margaret, for the delicious refreshments. (Lots of compliments!) Thanks to Kaarin for participating and providing pictures. Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who participated!